She's Home! And So Shiny!

She’s home!!! Our sweet, old bus is finally sitting proudly back in our driveway after five and a half months at the spa (aka body and paint shop). She crossed into Mexico in the middle of June as a sad, peeling, corroded “hot mess”. She crossed back into the


Q&A Storytime

Wow! You guys had great questions last week. We sat down and tried to answer them all. Before we get started, here’s one thing you should know about us - we are both introverts, but if you get us talking about something that we are passionate about, we aren’


Oh, Hi There!

Oh, hi there, Friends!

We have now had the bus for nearly two years (Oct. 22, 2016 was the day we brought her home). Many of you have followed along with us for much of that time. But, we have also had many, many new friends join us in recent