We've Moved

We've Moved

Funny thing about YouTube videos...no one necessarily knows when they were recorded, only when they were published. For our family, creating videos and blog posts only comes after our normal jobs, homeschooling, family time, and actually building the bus. That leads to our posts being months behind where we are actually at in the progress of the bus build. At this point in our lives, we just can’t keep up with the pace of editing and releasing videos as soon as we have recorded them. And to be perfectly honest, that's okay with us.

However, that delay does sometimes lead to some funny things. For example, it was 112℉ here today, yet in this video I am wearing a sweatshirt. That’s because it was actually recorded a couple of months ago. Well, one funny thing that happened was we released one video out of order. That was the video we shared when Scott, the Bus Grease Monkey, came to work on the mechanics of our bus.

We have always worked on our bus in our own driveway. However, for that project, we moved our bus out to some property that belongs to my uncle. It gave us plenty of room and a flat space (not like our tiny sloped driveway at home) to spread out and dig into the guts of the bus. When Scott released his videos on the work he did on our bus, we decided to go ahead and release ours as well to sync them up.

We still had quite a few projects to release videos about which had actually happened before Scott came. That meant we had to backtrack and catch up. If you were following all of those videos, it looked like when the mechanics were done, we returned to working on the bus in our driveway. Those projects were actually done previously, though. YouTube trickery! We actually never took the bus back home.

Right before we took the bus out to my uncle’s property, we received notice from our HOA that we could no longer work on the bus at our house. We knew this would likely happen eventually. Technically, you aren’t supposed to be doing things like that in our HOA neighborhood. However, we have had the most supportive neighbors and cool people on our HOA board that let it slide for quite a long time. We only kept it at our house a few days a week and it was in storage for the rest of the week. We never worked too early or too late so we didn’t wake anyone up. We always cleaned everything up daily. We knew, though, that we were on borrowed time.

We are very thankful that my uncle is allowing us to just keep our bus out at his property to finish the build out there. After the mechanical work was done, we spent a couple of days moving all of our tools and getting things set up. His property is still a work in progress without power or water, but since our bus now has both, we are all set. There was just one thing we really needed to do to make it a workable space for ourselves.

We have plenty of power to run all of our tools. We have a refrigerator, so we can bring lunch. We can even wash our hands in both our kitchen sink or bathroom sink. The one thing we didn’t have was a working toilet.

In this video, we discuss the move and install our Dometic 320 toilet. All the videos and posts after this will be out at what my uncle just calls “the shop”. We are so grateful for our neighbors that not only put up with us but supported us over the last few years of working in our driveway on the weekends. We are also extremely grateful that my uncle graciously agreed to us finishing our bus at his shop. (Also thankful for lots of power and a working toilet!)

Next up: Dumping and sanitizing tanks

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