Supply Plumbing Part 5: More Pex A Plumbing - Tips & Tricks

Supply Plumbing Part 5: More Pex A Plumbing - Tips & Tricks

We hope you and your families are all well in the midst of COVID-19. We are continuing to work on the bus while working and schooling at home. Not too much has changed in that area for us. We tried to stock up on building supplies we know we need for upcoming projects so that we can continue working on the bus while “sheltering in place.” We are praying for those that are truly suffering in this time and are beyond grateful for those that are on the frontlines of this every day. If there are any specific things we can be praying for you or your families, please let us know. Sending love to you all! Now back to regularly scheduled programming (which, FYI, is about three months behind at this point. Maybe one of these days we will catch up and be able to post closer to real-time.).

In the last post, we introduced you to our Pex A plumbing with Uponor expansion rings and discussed why we chose it over other types or Pex systems. We have quite a bit more plumbing to share, but in this post we are simply continuing on with running Pex lines to and from our water pump and water heater.

The trickiest part of plumbing for us was determining how and where all the lines would go and then determining what types of fittings we would need. We tried as much as possible to keep the lines neatly organized and put curves in the lines instead of 90’s where we could in order to minimize potential leak spots.

However, once we had decided on a pathway for a particular run, it was pretty fun to work with the expansion tool and Pex A. We did learn a few tips and tricks along the way: like how to manage the big spools of tubing, how to expand very short pieces, and how to both straighten it out and put bends in it. We share these tips and tricks in this video, and we hope it may help some of you in your future plumbing adventures.

We have plenty more plumbing to share with you - both down in the bay and then working our way inside to supply the fixtures in the bus. Thanks again for joining us on this long journey of building our bus.

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